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Version: SDK V2


Capsule is a signing solution that you can use to create secure, embedded MPC wallets with just an email or a social login. Capsule wallets are portable across applications, recoverable, and programmable, so your users do not need to create different signers or contract accounts for every application they use.

Read below to learn how to configure your app to create smart accounts for all your users using Capsule and Biconomy. This guide assumes you are using React or a React based web framework such as Next JS. For Capsule guides in other frameworks, check out the Capsule developer docs or get in touch via


You will need the following dependencies to create a Smart Account this way:

yarn add @biconomy/account @biconomy/bundler @biconomy/common @biconomy/core-types @biconomy/modules @biconomy/paymaster @usecapsule/web-sdk ethers@5.7.2


import { IPaymaster, BiconomyPaymaster } from '@biconomy/paymaster'
import { IBundler, Bundler } from '@biconomy/bundler'
import { BiconomySmartAccountV2, DEFAULT_ENTRYPOINT_ADDRESS } from "@biconomy/account"
import { Wallet, providers, ethers } from 'ethers';
import { ChainId } from "@biconomy/core-types"
import { ECDSAOwnershipValidationModule, DEFAULT_ECDSA_OWNERSHIP_MODULE } from "@biconomy/modules";

Capsule Configuration

You will need to do some initial setup and get API keys from capsule, for additional help check out the Capsule Starter Guide.

import { Capsule, Environment } from '@usecapsule/web-sdk';
const capsule = new Capsule(

After setup we now need to get a signer from capsule update the import statement to get the Capusule ethers signer and pass the capsule instance we created above.

import Capsule, {Environment, CapsuleEthersSigner} from "@usecapsule/web-sdk"

const provider = new ethers.JsonRpcProvider(

const ethersSigner = new CapsuleEthersSigner(capsule, provider);

Biconomy Configuration Values

Set up instances of Bundler, Paymaster. Alternativedly you can also use the Multi chain Module this way.

const bundler: IBundler = new Bundler({
// get from biconomy dashboard
bundlerUrl: '',
chainId: ChainId.POLYGON_MUMBAI,// or any supported chain of your choice

const paymaster: IPaymaster = new BiconomyPaymaster({
// get from biconomy dashboard
paymasterUrl: ''

Create the Biconomy Smart Account

const connect = async () => {
try {

const module = await ECDSAOwnershipValidationModule.create({
signer: ethersSigner, // signer value we got from capsule

let biconomySmartAccount = await BiconomySmartAccountV2.create({
chainId: ChainId.POLYGON_MUMBAI,
bundler: bundler,
paymaster: paymaster,
defaultValidationModule: module,
activeValidationModule: module

const address = await biconomySmartAccount.getAccountAddress()
} catch (error) {